New Titles for Fall 2019


New Rodeo Dog Straight Line & Clover Beginner Titles, CGC, & TKN Titles!!


Pleasant Acre Fancy, owned by Barbara & Ray Charley

Rodeo Dog titles earned recently; CGC, TKN earned Sept.

New Grand Champion, RAE, Scent Work Novice Container Titles!!


GCH Halcyon Days The Forth Be With Ewe, PT, RAE, SIN, THDN, TKP, CGCA, VA, VC, owned by Kim Broster

GCH & SCN earned Sept.; RAE earned Aug.

New Champion, Herding Tested, & Pre-Trial Tested Titles!!


Ch. Halcyon Days Guardian Of The Galaxy, PT, TKA, CGCA, owned by Kim Broster

Ch. earned Aug.; HT, PT earned Sept.

New Barn Hunt Master Champion 8 & Preferred Companion Dog Excellent Titles!!


Fibber McGee From Dundee, No Molly, CD, BN, GN, PCDX, RE, HASs, FDC, TKI, THX, BPD, CGC, owned by Rose Hutches

RATCHX8 earned Aug.; PCDX earned Sept.

New Tracking Dog & AKC Versatility Companion Dog 1 Titles!!


GCH RACH VCH Mountainside Beulah Land, VCD1, CD, BN3, PCD, TD, HSAsd, MXPB, MXP3, MJPB, MJP2, OFP, BPDX, TKP, SOCIII, TT, TDIAOV, THDX, CGCA, CGCU, FDC, WCN, RL-1/AOE, RNPairs3, RM5, RAE4, NDD, NDD-V, AOMII, MVC-Q, GV-Q, Achiever Dog, OFA, Champion of Health, owned by Joany White

TD & VCD1 earned recently

New Beginner Novice Title & Farm Dog Certificate!!


Mountainside Takin' The Love Train, PT, HICsd, BN, RI, FDC, TKI, CGCA, CGCU, VC, Puppy of Achievement, Achiever Dog, pointed, owned by Joany White

BN, FDC earned recently



New Scent Work, Barn Hunt Crazy8’s Platinum Bronze Titles, & Farm Dog Certificate!!


Allstar's Littlest Tornado Annie Bananie, CD, RA, THD, RATCHX, SCN, SIN, SEN, SBN, SWN, SHDN, CGC, TKI, owned by Terry Dalla Valle

FDC, SCN, SIN, SEN, SBN, SWN, SHDN, Crazy 8’s Platinum Bronze earned recently

New Rally Intermediate Title!!


Ch. Galatean Riverrun Looking Glass, RI, CGC, ROM, owned by Anne Lively

RI earned recently

New Rally Intermediate Title!!


Riverrun Galatean Full Tilt, RI, ACT2, NJP, RATO, HRAT-B, TKN, HIC, owned by Anne Lively

RI earned recently

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