New Titles for Spring 2017

New Rally Novice & Beginner Novice Titles!!


Millknock Kelso Shoot For The Moon, BN, RN, owned by Kelli Carpenter

RN & BN earned recently

New Rally Advanced Title!!


Duquesne All that Jazz, CD, BN, RA, owned by Kelli Carpenter

RA earned recently

New Novice Barn Hunt, Open Barn Hunt, & Therapy Dogs International Active Titles!!


Allstar’s Littlest Tornado Annie Bananie, CD, THDN, SOC I, RATO, TDIA, CGC, owned by Terry Dalla Valle

RATN, TDIA earned February; RATO earned April

New Master Agility Champion 2 Title!!


MACH2 Honeytree Flying Colors, CD, RA, MXG, MJG, XF, T2B4, CGC, owned by Debbie & Forrest Held

MACH2 earned February

New AWCA Versatility Companion Title!!


Can. Ch. Feoras Fierce Commotion, RN, HT, CGN, TT, SD-S, owned by Jerrica Farrell

VC earned April

New AWCA Versatility Companion Title!!



Can./Am. Ch. Feoras Burn Notice, RN, CGN, TT, NT, owned by Jerrica Farrell

VC earned April

New Utility Dog Title!!


Ch. Kirkhaven’s Glamis Sea Song, UD, RE, owned by Ericka Wojack

UD earned recently

New Utility Dog Title!!


Riverside Celtic Celebration, UD, BN, HSAs, HRD-Ig, CAA, CGC, VC, owned by Judy Cummings

UD earned March

New Barn Hunt RATCHX3 & CZ8B Titles!!


RATCHX3 Millknock Sunnyside’s Zero Gravity, CD, BN, RN, CAA, CZ8B, owned by Dolly Wright

RATCHX3 & CZ8B earned recently

New Open Jumpers Preferred & Barn Hunt CZ8B Titles!!


Sunnyside Kelso’s Moonstruck For Ewe, CD, RA, HSAs, OAP, OJP, CAA, CZ8B, ptd, owned by Dolly Wright

OJP & CZ8B earned recently

New Sport Detection Champion!!



ATChC, SD-Ch, VCH, Am./Can.Ch Sunnland’s Blame It On Rio, Can (CDX, HSs, HTd, AgXS, AgXJS, XPS, RN, CGN), Am.PT, OAC, OJC, WV-O, TN-O, NCC, TG-N, HP-N, NVA, owned by Marilyn Clayton

SD-Ch earned March

New Herding Tested Title!!



Owned by Andrea Moss

HT earned March

New Master Agility Preferred 3 Title!!


Owned by Joany White

MXP3 earned recently

New Herding Tested & Pre-Trial Tested Titles!!


Mountainside Who Do You Love, RN, PT, SOC I, VC, owned by Olivia Brisson

HT & PT earned November

New Herding Tested, Pre-Trial Tested, & AWCA Backpacking Dog Titles!!



Mountainside He Loves Me, RN, PT, SOC I, BPD, MDRn/n, VC, owned by Joany White

HT & PT earned November; BPD earned April

New Advanced Trick Dog, ASCA Open Gamblers, & CPE Level 3 Standard Agility Titles!!


Snovalley Rainybank Luxan Warrior, owned by Michael Vorkapich

Advanced Trick Dog, Open Gamblers, Level 3 Std. titles earned recently

New ASCA Novice Jumpers & CPE Level 2 Agility Titles!!


Rainybank Celestial Skies, owned by Michael Vorkapich

Novice Jumpers & Level 2 titles earned recently

New Herding Instinct Certification!!


Koliako Solhaven Seabreeze Delight, HIC, CGN, owned by Kornelia Geldrich

HIC earned recently

New Rally Novice Title!!


MACH4 Glen Ellyn Gaelic Gunrunner, RN, MXC, MJS2, OF, T2B4, owned by Bob & Deanne Olson

RN earned March


New Beginner Novice Title!!


Trinity's I Know What You're Thinkin', BN, RE, TD, MX, MXB, MXJ, MJS, OF, T2B, CGC, owned by Bob & Deanne Olson

BN earned March

New Therapy Dog International & Herding Instinct Certification!!


Clarion Silver Sleuth, HIC, TDI, CGC, owned by Jeffrey Tallackson

TDI earned March; HIC earned April


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