New Titles for Summer 2017

New Rally Excellent Title!!


Foggy Bay Cloak And Dagger, RE, PT, OA, OAJ, NF, owned by Diane Parness

RE earned recently

New Rally Novice Title!!


Halcyon Days Cadenza Courante, RN, THDN, CGC, owned by Eileen Mason

RN earned June 2017

New CDX-C Title!!


Clarions Drifting Tides, CD, CDX-C, RE, HIC, TDI, CGC, owned by Linda Shea

CDX-C earned May 2017

New Senior Barn Hunt & Herding Instinct Titles!!

Annie Bananie

Allstar’s Littlest Tornado Annie Bananie, CD, RN, THDN, SOC I, RATS, CGC, VC, owned by Terry Dalla Valle

RATS May 2017; HIC earned June 2017

New Herding Instinct Title!!


Millknock Winds Over Summit, HIC, owned by Andrea Moss

HIC earned March 2017

New Social Dog II Title!!



Tapestry Gold Dust, BPDX, SOC II, OFA, CGC, VC, owned by Chuck Crone

SOC II earned recently

New Herding Champion Title!!


DC Riverrun Wyndham’s Imagine The Dream, HXAsd, MXB, MJX, RN, owned by Michelle Shoemaker

HC earned June 2017


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