Page 1: Sable and Tri-colored

Please distribute to animal shelters: Pure-bred Collies don't all look like "Lassie"! There are 2 coat types and 4 colors.

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Coat and color types of pure-bred Collies:

All purebred Collies have a long nose, face that is flat between the eyes (no stop), white chest and white feet.

Coats vary in 2 lengths and 4 color types; ears may be tipped over or straight up; eyes can be small to medium and round, the white collar can vary from none to wide; there may be shades of color within a color type. Tail tip is usually white

Color types:

Rough Coats (long haired)

Smooth Coats (short haired)

Sable and white:
sable may vary
in color, darker
and redder to
lighter and tan
rough sable Collie smooth sable Collie
black, with tan face
and on legs, and
white chest/feet
tricolored rough tricolored smooth